16 Jan
16 Jan
  • 16 Jan 2022

KKPIT launches four new steering gear:

0145 44kg hollow cup waterproof steering gear
0532 3.5kg hollow cup waterproof steering gear
0732 32kg hollow cup waterproof steering gear
0938 47.6kg Metal waterproof steering gear

KKPIT launched BELIEF high-end series of servo products, the whole series adopts high-gloss CNC processing, 606-T6 aluminum alloy material aluminum, firm and obtains good heat dissipation performance, adopts sturdy and durable all stainless steel gear set, double bearing design, new design 2.0mm The fixed shaft can withstand greater torque. The two sections of the shaft are concentrically inlaid with stainless steel bushings. The circuit scheme adopts the latest design in the industry, especially the brushless version. The brushless version of the servo supports Fusi super high-speed mode (Force SR, SFR protocol). BELIEF series servos are suitable for use in many fields such as aircraft model, sea model, robot, car model and industrial automation equipment.