hollow cup steering gear
20kg torque full waterproof

Postage not included

Operating Voltage:
6V ~ 7.4V
18kg/cm ~ 20kg/cm
No-load speed:
0.12sec/60° ~ 0.10sec/60°

L 40 mm
W 20 mm
H 38.6 mm

KKPIT Warranty Policy

The movement, circuit board, and potentiometer are guaranteed for 6 months (man-made damage is not guaranteed, such as over-rated load use). Gear sweeping is not covered by the warranty and repaired at your own expense.

If you want to buy, please go to our Taobao store or contact our email: sales@kkpit.com

1.The 1020 steering gear is cut by imported machines with a machining accuracy of 0.01. It has ultra-high reliability and durability, and the virtual position is greatly reduced under long-term high-load (not exceeding the calibrated maximum load)!
2.The gear is plated with titanium, which is smoother and more rust-proof than the steering gear of the same level without surface treatment!
3.The 1020 servo's real-time monitoring circuit board with overload protection function significantly reduces the probability of damage to the servo under high load!
4.1020's exquisite industrial-grade full waterproof treatment allows you to climb all kinds of wading environmental tests without fear!
5.1020 adopts the inner core of the vacuum heart cup and the potentiometer imported from Japan TOCOS (purchase order can be provided), the pointing is accurate, the linearity is first-class, and the high-quality materials make the 1020 60% more powerful than the same-level steering gear.
6.Double bearing design, not the copper sleeve commonly used in the same level of steering gear on the market, changes sliding friction into rolling friction, reducing virtual position.
7.All ROHS materials! The shell and wire are resistant to aging! Overseas consumers and distributors are welcome to buy! Support detection.

Suitable for 1:10 and 1:8 models of model airplanes: flat sports cars, off-road vehicles, short-distance trucks, trucks, climbing cars, simulation cars, robots.

Precision industry-leading high-precision titanium-plated metal gears, long-term, high-load use, the virtual position is significantly lower than the same level of steering gear.

The high-quality hollow cup steering gear made in Taiwan provides a reliable guarantee for the overall outstanding performance and ultra-high durability of the steering gear.