Hollow Cup steering gear
22kg torque IP67 waterproof

Price: $52.88 Postage not included

Operating Voltage:
6V ~ 8.4V
15kg/cm ~ 22kg/cm
No-load speed:
0.10sec/60° ~ 0.08sec/60°

L 40.5 mm
W 20.5 mm
H 40.5 mm

KKPIT Warranty Policy

The movement, circuit board, and potentiometer are guaranteed for 6 months (man-made damage is not guaranteed, such as over-rated load use). Gear sweeping is not covered by the warranty and repaired at your own expense.

If you want to buy, please go to our Taobao store or contact our email: sales@kkpit.com

Suitable for all kinds of competition and entertainment types of remote control cars, airplanes and boats, the appearance adopts a new design, The metal CNC shell is combined with superb engraving technology, high-performance movement, application of immersion gold circuit board, full material, excellent and stable circuit design combination. The overall waterproof treatment reaches IPX67 level and supports 4.8-9V input voltage.