Golden beetle
RC car
1:8 Desert Truck

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Two tires from the car:
Destyoyer Truck Tires or
Shining Stone Tires

KKpit launched a new 1/8 4wd desert truck: Golden Beetle, which is fully upgraded by K1, and pre-collision adopts new design. The chassis is standard with a CNC 7075-T6 different chassis 4.0mm thickness, and the front and rear shock absorbing plates are manufactured by CNC 7075-T6 material, 4.0 mm thickness. The drive shaft is further strengthened, along with the 17mm combination of combinator, and the vehicle differential umbrella teeth use special steel gears. The medium difference cup adopts Cr material, reflects the quality requirements for finely crafting. Redesign the cassette hanging arm system, so that the car has better stability and impact resistance, and the gesture is better. The tire uses KKpit high-grasp of truck tires.

The car shell is made of PC, 1.5mm thickness, and more tied more texture. With a rearview mirror and door handle, it greatly increases the simulation, (the position of the door handle and the position of the rear view mirror are rigorous design and testing, it will not drop it easily when hitting)

The chassis is standard with a CNC 7075-T6 different chassis 4.0mm thickness, and a full range of lightweight design to ensure the frame fighting fortress is reliable, while reducing the weight of the body and optimizing the body structure, ensuring fatigue performance.

The newly upgraded four-wheel drive, the whole car uses a 3 differential, the full-time four-wheel drive drive, standards the enhanced CVD, ensures efficient transmission and the suspended swing, the central differential income is more hardness CR Material, more wear. The bold CVD can withstand greater power.

The turning cup is a nylon material, and the improvement of the reinforcement design, and it is also guaranteed by toughness, and the impact performance is also better. The whole car uses a 17mm metal combiner

The front swing arm is presented down the crash design, the suspension is higher, and the performance and stronger is more powerful.

Prior to the new design of the new design. Pre-anti-collision adopts multi-piece design, firmly fixed in the chassis, wave box, and shockproof board, which will greatly role for anti-collision toughness, which can greatly reduce the damage caused by collision.

The caservation uses an open fast demolition design, only need to open 2 R buckles in front, open up, you can open the casing to replace the battery or maintenance, simple and convenient.

For the dedicated linkage lamp group developed by the beetle, the front removal lamp, the steering lamp, the high brake light, and the taillight composition are composed.

The tire uses a dedicated competition formula, super soft material, and the intensity of the tires, the overall improvement of grip, especially in the grip of the mud and soft pavement, and the traction is fully improved, and more types of off-road roads are easily coping. The built-in memory sponge, the hub adopts a 17mm combiner. (Two fetal skin random delivery)

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