Crossing the Pioneer
Fits 1.9 inch size wheel
Equipped with sponge liner

The price of a pair : $16.99
The price of one car: $31.00
Postage not included

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Inch: 4.45x 1.73
Diameter: 113mm
Width: 43mm

KKPIT launched the pioneer Tiger Dog climbing car tires, which are suitable for 1.9-inch non-adhesive tires (folded tires) and adhesive-type plastic wheels on the market.

This high-performance climbing tire is made of a brand-new rubber formula. The sidewall is reinforced with ribs. The super-soft tire skin and the newly designed deep tread pattern make the appearance look more three-dimensional while ensuring the grip. Domineering.

Comes with a sponge inner tube to improve the forward and backward grip, and at the same time enhance the side support, the car has a more stable walking performance, especially suitable for challenging venues, but also suitable for all-terrain use.