Valley Tires
1:7 Desert Truck Tires
Equipped with sponge liner
Free 4 car wheels

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Diameter: 138 mm
Width: 56.5 mm

KKPIT will launch a new 1:7 desert truck tire named (Valley VALLEY) equipped with Rhino Wheels, which is expected to be available in January 2022.

The VALLEY tire interlayer adopts a composite process to embed a high-tenacity fiber mesh design, which largely inhibits the phenomenon of sloughing. The high-toughness and high-resilience inner liner ensures the impact resistance of the tire and the overall service life of the tire, and the high-purity rubber raw material comprehensively improves the tire friction. After upgrading the tires, the handling of the model car is more flexible and reliable, reducing slippage and easily improving top speed performance; The hub uses a 17MM coupler and reserves 1.6MM holes at six angles. This design is to improve the compatibility of more original designs in the future. Set 9mm ultra-wide glue surface, the tire sticks more firmly and reduces the risk of degumming; Applicable models: UDR, Mojave, etc.